Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Winter Snow Treats~ (Winter Celebration Event)

Okay, so I've done a lot research into: "Is it Safe to Eat Fresh Snow"? According to my previous thought of years of growing up I thought it was more than okay to nibble at a freshly made snowball. Well, apparently it's not the best for you and actually eating snow, even fresh is advised against because the snowflakes as they fall pick up pollutants in the air. HOWEVER, most of the food we eat are all chemicals anyway, so I will still eat fresh snow. **Even the Native Americans would eat snow, with boiled maple sap over it, so if it was good for them, it's okay for me!! Anyway, eating snow once a year is not that bad for you. Some websites said it's "fine" (in moderation, as is anything else).

So, as a way to celebrate winter and have a yummy treat, gather a small cup of freshly fallen snow around 4 ounces (or even less) and pour maple syrup over it and eat it like a snowcone. (Having a small quantity of snow is best.) Of course you can always use shaved ice if you're concerned about the health benefits, but there isn't a real point to celebrating a winter treat, if you don't use snow. Although tip on making healthy snow cones, pour 100% fruit juice over shaved ice staying away from the flavoured syrups. Course, if you're only going to do this very seldomly, go ahead and bring out the syrups!

~ Only grab, fresh, white, and clean snow.

Also, there are so many other "winter recipes" involving snow if you're interested~for instance, click here to see how snow is used to make snow ice cream.


  1. Back in the day there was less pollutants in the air and they barley lived to see 25!

    Chemicals are everywhere but unfortunately not all chemicals are the same! A fun example to experiment is bleach and chocolate syrup! You can quickly tell the chocolate syrup won't nearly kill you.

    I highly suggest the following if you have a friend who eats snow to help them not eat bleach in the future as suggested! Ice Shavings!

    1. Slaughter an army of yeti's and shave their beards
    2. Take those shavings and make it look like it snowed outside their house
    3. Scream, " ZOMG IT SNOWED! WAKE UP RIN RIN!"
    4. See rin rin's face all happy when she sees the "SNOW".
    5. Watch her eat the pseudo-snow that's a lot healthier than real snow.
    6. Tackle and kiss her in the yeti's shavings.
    7. ???
    8. Profit