Tuesday, February 2, 2016

~*Pillow / Blanket Forts!*~ (Indoor Activity : All Seasons)

      I was really stumped on where the idea for pillow / blanket forts first came about, I am sure reflecting on my younger days, it was an idea presented to me by an adult or another child, but where did they get the idea? What I do know is that they possess a certain magical and charming appeal and something so simple and creative can be so exciting every time you crawl into your fort. I personally think it is the mystique of "bigger on the inside" or the hideaway escape where you can create your own little world. I have read a theory on how for children it symbolizes a womb, or it goes back to our primitive cave dwelling days, either way most of the time if you ask a child what they like about it, the responses will be simple: "It's fun!" 

     It is fun, and the magical aspect comes in when you take ordinary furniture, blankets, and objects and wrap them all together to make a completely different space! It's suggested that this is a fun activity for both a parent and a child to experience, although supervision when handling heavy objects just makes sense. So, if you need an escape and something fun and magical to spritz up your day, make a pillow / blanket fort! Some people even add in a string of lights, or special lighting, with different colours, you can make it whimsical, invite all your stuffies for a sleepover, or even adjust for a special setting. 

     Here are some ideas on how to make blanket forts: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Blanket-Fort. Interesting fact, a blanket fort was mentioned in an older children's storybook from 1968 called "Corduroy's Sleepover". Who knows, maybe even pets would enjoy a blanket fort!