Monday, January 25, 2010

~Snow Day~ (Winter Event)

I try to make this a yearly tradition, but in the winter, I love to sculpt snow.

When I was little I would love to make snowmen. Snowmen are great because you can decorate them in any way you wish, and can use a varied assortment for decoration: scarves, hats, twigs, buttons, beads, vegetables...and so much more. The only constant is to make 3 huge snowballs and place them on top of each other, with the bottom being the biggest snowball, and the top being the smallest one. I used to name my snowmen too, I remember one snowman named Bob I believe, he had blue beads for eyes and a khaki winter vest. I liked him! I don't know where the iconic snowman came from, or why he has a top hat, but apparently there is a book on this!! This made me really excited! The book is called, "The History of the Snowman", by Bob Eckstein. To read more about this book, click here. However, I have moved on from sculpting snowmen to making snowbunnies!! I love bunnies, and the white colour of the snow makes the winter bunny even more perfect!

Here is a snowbunny I made myself:

However, feel free to be adventurous to make your own snow creature creatures! If you do, post pictures in the comments! Make sure to wear winter clothing, especially gloves and make sure the snow you have sticks well together, and don't forget to have some hot chocolate to warm-up, and then show off your snow creatures to friends!!

Oh Rin's special Hot chocolate:
I unwrap only the bottom of a peppermint stick (candy cane) and put it into my cup of hot choco, and I hold onto the top of the peppermint stick and stir the hot choco, so it gets all minty. Then, when I finish drinking the hot chocolate, I still have a peppermint stick to eat. SO it's 2 treats in 1! Simply amazing! ^^

Here is also a wallpaper I made some years ago of snowbunnies:

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  1. Your snow bunny's power level is over 9000!!!!!!11onelven

    That wallpaper looks familiar!