Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Winter Snow Treats~ (Winter Celebration Event)

Okay, so I've done a lot research into: "Is it Safe to Eat Fresh Snow"? According to my previous thought of years of growing up I thought it was more than okay to nibble at a freshly made snowball. Well, apparently it's not the best for you and actually eating snow, even fresh is advised against because the snowflakes as they fall pick up pollutants in the air. HOWEVER, most of the food we eat are all chemicals anyway, so I will still eat fresh snow. **Even the Native Americans would eat snow, with boiled maple sap over it, so if it was good for them, it's okay for me!! Anyway, eating snow once a year is not that bad for you. Some websites said it's "fine" (in moderation, as is anything else).

So, as a way to celebrate winter and have a yummy treat, gather a small cup of freshly fallen snow around 4 ounces (or even less) and pour maple syrup over it and eat it like a snowcone. (Having a small quantity of snow is best.) Of course you can always use shaved ice if you're concerned about the health benefits, but there isn't a real point to celebrating a winter treat, if you don't use snow. Although tip on making healthy snow cones, pour 100% fruit juice over shaved ice staying away from the flavoured syrups. Course, if you're only going to do this very seldomly, go ahead and bring out the syrups!

~ Only grab, fresh, white, and clean snow.

Also, there are so many other "winter recipes" involving snow if you're interested~for instance, click here to see how snow is used to make snow ice cream.

Friday, January 29, 2010

~Moonlight Driving~ (Winter Night Event)

(Picture I took last year with my digital)

I'm excited to say I did this on the way home tonight, and the feeling that comes with it is a bit hard to describe, but I'll do my best to convince you, that this is something you definitely must do, if you haven't already. Even though this involves driving a car, the non-drivers can still enjoy this activity by being a passenger.

Okay, so what you need to do this activity:
1.) A Full Moon or close to it
2.) Snow on the ground so it's brighter
3.) Roads your familiar with
4.) Late at night so there aren't people around
5.) Best to do in the country
6.) Best to do on your own road, unless it's dirt. (Can't dodge the bumps with the lights out, unless you're awesome like me!)
7.) Turn the heater off, and the radio
8.) Open both front windows (since you're supposed to do this on your road, should only be a 5 minute ride)
9.) Cruise home slowly enjoying the magic of driving by moonlight!!

For me, it does feel magical, and serene. I like to listen to the sound of the tires on the dirt and listen to the wind and sounds around me as I slowly drive home. I like to see the moonlight and I feel an eerie delight being veiled by the moonlight as well.

Either way, I DO ADVISE CAUTION WITH THIS ACTIVITY. Be wary of animals on the road, or pedestrians (for those who love night, live the night) and please don't do this activity on a town road, because the cars passing you will get a fright when you turn back on your lights, because they won't expect to see you. :P

Monday, January 25, 2010

~Snow Day~ (Winter Event)

I try to make this a yearly tradition, but in the winter, I love to sculpt snow.

When I was little I would love to make snowmen. Snowmen are great because you can decorate them in any way you wish, and can use a varied assortment for decoration: scarves, hats, twigs, buttons, beads, vegetables...and so much more. The only constant is to make 3 huge snowballs and place them on top of each other, with the bottom being the biggest snowball, and the top being the smallest one. I used to name my snowmen too, I remember one snowman named Bob I believe, he had blue beads for eyes and a khaki winter vest. I liked him! I don't know where the iconic snowman came from, or why he has a top hat, but apparently there is a book on this!! This made me really excited! The book is called, "The History of the Snowman", by Bob Eckstein. To read more about this book, click here. However, I have moved on from sculpting snowmen to making snowbunnies!! I love bunnies, and the white colour of the snow makes the winter bunny even more perfect!

Here is a snowbunny I made myself:

However, feel free to be adventurous to make your own snow creature creatures! If you do, post pictures in the comments! Make sure to wear winter clothing, especially gloves and make sure the snow you have sticks well together, and don't forget to have some hot chocolate to warm-up, and then show off your snow creatures to friends!!

Oh Rin's special Hot chocolate:
I unwrap only the bottom of a peppermint stick (candy cane) and put it into my cup of hot choco, and I hold onto the top of the peppermint stick and stir the hot choco, so it gets all minty. Then, when I finish drinking the hot chocolate, I still have a peppermint stick to eat. SO it's 2 treats in 1! Simply amazing! ^^

Here is also a wallpaper I made some years ago of snowbunnies:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

~Catching Fireflies~ (Summer Event)

Catching fireflies is a magical activity, and it's always fun to run around and catch them. I don't know where firefly catching first started or even why, but it's an activity that's been passed down through generations, and it never gets boring.

To do:
You will need to find a meadow or woods near any sort of water, apparently fireflies love places near water. If you live near woods, make sure you turn off your inside and outside lights, as these lights will confuse fireflies, and keep them away. Grab a jar with a lid, (if you don't have a lid, makeshift one out of plastic wrap and a rubberband), then, poke holes in the lid, as to allow air in so the fireflies can breathe. Also, grab a handful of dewy grass to put in the bottom of the jar. This will create that humid environment that fireflies love. After an evening of firefly catching you will have a magical jar! Just remember to let the fireflies go, as they do tend to die easily. Also when catching them, try to be gentle with the fragile bugs. ^^

Did you know:
*Fireflies give off 100% light energy, and because of this, their lights will not give off any heat. For comparison, a lightbulb will give off 10% light energy, and the rest is all heat.

*Fireflies may eat other fireflies.

*Firefly populations have been dwindling due to over development of forested areas, and due to light pollution! Fireflies need the dark because they communicate to one another by flashing their lights in a certain sequence.

*In Japanese lore, fireflies are said to be the souls of the dead

*If you do not have any fireflies around you, they now have "firefly lights" that you can string up in bushes, and they'll look like real fireflies and you can have fireflies all year round! To read more on this, click me.

Either way fireflies can make for some great memories. I remember about 5 years ago, I walked into an enclosed meadow near my house, and all these fireflies where in the pine trees, and since there were so many, it looked like a field of Christmas trees!~ I'll always remember that! What are some of your firefly memories? :)

~Picture belongs to WindRanch from Flickr.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

~About This Blog~

So I have this idea to create a blog that centers around all sorts of fun things to do, and it doesn't matter what age you are!! Some of these activities, you did as a kid, or you do them now with kids, or you are a kid yourself. I'm here to "show and tell" of all these fun childhood activities, and remember you are never too old, and you don't really have to grow up!~ Most of these activities I do myself, and I am 24, but if you knew me, and some of you do, it's one of my best qualities. I know how to make things fun. Either way, feel free to comment along the way, and check back often for fun activities. I hope to stay active with this blog, and hopefully you as a reader will get back in touch with your inner child! That would be loverly. ^^