Friday, February 5, 2010

~Puzzles~ (Rainy Day/Inside Event)

Some people nowadays overlook the pure fun and joy of doing a puzzle. I have always loved puzzles and I still do! They are great to do with a friend or loved one, and since puzzles can have a long duration until completion, they are wonderful for a quick sense of accomplishment, as well as a stress-reducer. There are so many types of puzzles, different sizes, and different pictures! I remember when I was little I would do these huge 500-1000 piece puzzles with my mum, in which she did most of the work (haha). I also remember fondly playing with my little brother, and the frustration of having a missing piece or not enough space to fill out the puzzle. That is one good point to having puzzles on the internet, the pieces are all there and you don't need a lot of space!~ :P Brain teaser puzzles can be fun too, but I find them highly annoying, I like the picture puzzles the best!

Did you know:
~Puzzles were first created in the 1760's by European cartographers (map makers) who would paste up a map and cut it into pieces so as it could be a geographical education tool for little kids.

~Puzzles were first made in wood, then later where made in wood and cardboard.

~Puzzles were very popular in the Great Depression, because they were a cheap way to have fun for many days and then families would break their puzzles down and share with other families.

~First wooden puzzles were cut by a saw, thus receiving the title "Jigsaw Puzzle", but then later on when cardboard was introduced, metal die casts (sort of like metal cutting boards) which were two metal plates pressed together became a popular cutting method. Modernly with the access to printing styles like lithographers, pieces can be printed out.

~Puzzles back in the early 20th century did not come with a picture guide at all! That was part of the fun was to see what the picture was when it was completed. The puzzle would have a title and that would be the biggest hint.

~Puzzles were first made only for kids, then they were broadened to encompass adults as well! So you see, adults can still be interested in kid activities!!! ^_^

As much as I love to do puzzles online, there is just something about holding the puzzles in your hands and gazing upon a pile of puzzle pieces on the floor. And also I love the smell of a new puzzle! :D I already know I'm weird. :P


  1. Yay! Can we? I just rearranged my room and there's lot of space~!~