Friday, January 29, 2010

~Moonlight Driving~ (Winter Night Event)

(Picture I took last year with my digital)

I'm excited to say I did this on the way home tonight, and the feeling that comes with it is a bit hard to describe, but I'll do my best to convince you, that this is something you definitely must do, if you haven't already. Even though this involves driving a car, the non-drivers can still enjoy this activity by being a passenger.

Okay, so what you need to do this activity:
1.) A Full Moon or close to it
2.) Snow on the ground so it's brighter
3.) Roads your familiar with
4.) Late at night so there aren't people around
5.) Best to do in the country
6.) Best to do on your own road, unless it's dirt. (Can't dodge the bumps with the lights out, unless you're awesome like me!)
7.) Turn the heater off, and the radio
8.) Open both front windows (since you're supposed to do this on your road, should only be a 5 minute ride)
9.) Cruise home slowly enjoying the magic of driving by moonlight!!

For me, it does feel magical, and serene. I like to listen to the sound of the tires on the dirt and listen to the wind and sounds around me as I slowly drive home. I like to see the moonlight and I feel an eerie delight being veiled by the moonlight as well.

Either way, I DO ADVISE CAUTION WITH THIS ACTIVITY. Be wary of animals on the road, or pedestrians (for those who love night, live the night) and please don't do this activity on a town road, because the cars passing you will get a fright when you turn back on your lights, because they won't expect to see you. :P


  1. For Canadians: you won't be able to run completely dark due to the daytime running module as required by Ministry of Transportation laws. The only way to achieve complete darkness is to wire a kill switch to override your module. Note: a kill switch is ILLEGAL if seen by a police officer, or mechanic when doing a safety. Max fine $850, and safety violation with may lead to the car failing a safety inspection until the switch is removed. =/

  2. Zomg, that's so dangerous! You might hit a snow bunny!

    Don't do this when you're sober.