Saturday, May 18, 2013

~*Picnic*~ Outdoor version, (Summer, Spring, early Fall) Indoor version, (Winter)

     This is a staple activity that goes along with the presence of good weather, and beautiful sunshine! PICNICS!!! Who doesn't love a picnic! I did some research into the history of the picnic, and I received quite a confuddled answer. Some were saying it derived from the French word "piquenique" but there really isn't any assurance of that. The word was mentioned in some letters in the 1700's and throughout middle-aged documents, from England, and Spain, and Germany. Basically, what I have gathered is that picnic, was a word to associate a social gathering. I believe it really became popular during the upper English class during the hunts, where the ladies and gents would sit outside and eat a meal, as the hunt progressed. The whole idea of eating alfresco, outside in a garden was an appealing idea nevertheless, that we still do to this day!

So, what about a picnic makes it so much fun? Aside from being outside with the good weather, good food, and great company, a picnic can be as fun as you make it! Designing and planning the location, and food, and invitations, can be so much fun if you let your imagination take over, but what really makes a picnic a wonderful summer/spring memory, are the picnic activities!

I think these activities are so important to a fantastic picnic, like lawn games, such as croquet or bocce!  You can bring binoculars and go bird watching, bring along a sketchbook and do nature drawings, or a camera for taking photos, or just laying back in the grass watching the clouds, or taking a nap! A picnic can be simple to extravagant! Now some people will sit on a bench or some sort of seating, but I have to say the picnic blanket is my favorite for seating! :P

Oh, and one more thing if it is raining, or too cold to go outside, make a meal special by having an inside picnic, with board games or puzzles or something else fun!

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