Friday, January 15, 2016

~*Puppets!*~ (All Seasons) Indoor/Outdoor

      Many people have been charmed by puppets, and throughout the ages too! Puppets have been around for thousand of years, thought to have originated in either Egypt or India, they have been the actors and source of entertainment for many cultures. Puppets could really bring a story to life, and they would act out different tales for enjoyment, to teach, to warn, to preach the morals of the culture. Sometimes the puppets would act the tales of heroes, Gods, evil, just about anything could be and was illuminated by these charming dolls. 

      I believe storytelling is an art in itself, and if you find an amazing storyteller, you will hear some of the best stories! True one will find a great story in a book, but to have puppets act out that story makes it all the more magical! Puppets come in many forms and many cultures have their own style of puppets and story-telling, for instance Vietnam have their own water puppets that were adapted to be entertainment for the villages when the rice fields would flood. 

     Puppets can be made out of almost anything, it just takes some materials and creativity, mostly anything lying right around the house! Puppets can be made out of paper, socks, shadows, wood, felt, they can be small like finger puppets to giant ones like Jim Henson's Muppets! They can also be simple as masks, but those normally take on a more ceremonial purpose. Either way, making your own puppets and putting on a show for your loved ones will create cherished memories. Here is a lovely instructional on how to make some easy puppets: Let's Make Puppets!~ 

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