Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~*Fairy Houses*~ (Full Spring to Full Summer Event)

 So, I am SUPER excited about this activity, and I really can't wait to share, I go! It's all about Fairy Houses! Apparently, building fairy houses, is a long-aged tradition of New England, and it was said, that individuals made fairy houses to invite fairies to stay in order to attain their help, so islanders would make these small houses in Nature, from the very things in nature, and would  leave a coin inside as an offering for their help! Read more, here!

So, what's so cute about this, aside from the enchanting idea and creativity? It's being outdoors, and being close with Nature! It helps build a strong connection to the very Earth that houses us all, and being holed up in a technological world, this is such a wonderful remedy, and I heard it's quite addicting! What's really interesting about this activity, is that it sparks curiosity and creativity in others, and passerbys can't but help to add their own touch to the houses too!


In New England, they even have small festivals for fairy houses! In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, they have Fairy House Tours! And town dwellers will dress up as fairies too! How darling is that!?! Read more on this, here! There is even a book series about these houses, written and illustrated by Tracy Kane, you have to check out her books too, it'd be so much fun to look over all the houses she's captured! Check out her!

Okay, okay, now a brief description on how YOU can do this! First, you want to think about the type of fairies that live near you, now fairies exist everywhere, so don't be sad if you're in the city, because fairies do travel and they made need an overnight stay on a long journey! After you think of the type of fairies, pick a secure location, in the base of a tree, under a shrub, in a garden, keep in mind to keep the houses away from being trampled or weathering elements, like flooding from a rainshower! After you pick your location, GO GATHERING!~ It depends where you live, beach or a forest, if you live near a beach, collect shells, seaglass, seaweed, if you're near woods, acorns, mushrooms, stones, petals from a flower, pinecones! Then, construct away! Remember, different seasons yield different materials!
Once completed, take a picture to share, and remember to leave a sweet treat for your new neighbors, berries, nuts, or honey! maybe even a little cream, or a cube of sugar! maybe you can get your human neighbors to make more houses! Either way, create and have fun, and don't go wandering off by yourself too far, make sure to have an adult, or someone know where you are, if you're going to be off on a Nature walk, gathering! Hope you enjoyed this article, as much as I did! ^-^

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