Saturday, February 16, 2013

~Four-Leaf Clover Hunting!~ (Spring, Early Summer Event)

      Now this is a popular activity, but I don't think it's an activity that we should stop doing as we get older!~ We all could use a little luck and some fresh air, after being cooped up inside all winter! So, I want to share some thoughts/facts on four-leaf clovers! I'm going to start by asking, if you ever wondered where the idea of four-leaf clover hunting came from? It hadn't really occurred to me before, who started this activity, but I can bet you, that it is a tradition from the old country, long before we settled this one! Now, onto the facts about four-leaf clovers, there are a lot of ideas, why three-leaf clovers will spawn a rare four-leaf clover, also called shamrock, whether it be mutations, environmentally influenced or a semblance of a lot of factors, four-leaf clovers, are rare, and even rarer still, can have more then four leaves, the highest number ever recorded is 18, found by Shigeo Obara. Now, why is the four-leaf clover considered lucky, aside of it being a rare find, well, it's because the druids highly regarded four-leaf clovers, as a lucky charm to ward off evil spirits! It is said that each leaf represents, faith, hope, love, and luck, and according to St. Patrick, in the catholic faith, it represents, the father, the son, the holy ghost, and god's grace. I didn't realize there was so much behind these cute little leafy greens. THEN, there's a kicker, the "true" four-leaf clover is supposed to be of the white clover family, but there are 3 other "four-leaf clover" look-alikes that are mistaken identities, but they still seem accepted. Either way, here's how you do this activity!~~~

1.) Pick a nice spring day for hunting!
2.) Bring along a magnifying glass! (but be careful not to let the sun shine through it)
3.) Bring SNACKS!~ (hunting these leaves can use up a lot of energy)
4.) Decide how you will keep the four-leaf clover, picture, pressed in a book, in a vase!

5.) If you don't find any, don't be discouraged, you can always try another day! And luck
isn't only found in four-leaf clovers!

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  1. I went clover hunting and found a 5 leaf clover named Erin!