Sunday, February 7, 2010

~Rearranging Your Room~ (Spring Event)

Now, I know how some of us like to postpone "spring cleaning", and I've been one of these "postponers", but I would like to convince you why this is needed and also fun. I have found that I can get more inspired by cleaning a room, when I have the intention to rearrange it. They have a name for this, "Feng Shui" or something relatively close to that, and the whole concept behind it is to reinvigorate a room, stir up it's atmosphere and refresh everything! This goes well with Spring, because Spring is Mother Nature's Feng Shui!~

I believe everyone leaves behind a residue, especially strongest in places they reside most. The residues can vary from happy, refreshing, tired, tension-filled, so it's important to flush out excessive residue especially if it's negative. You'd be surprised how much the residue you leave behind can affect you.

Rin's Feng Shui!~

Here's a list of how I clean out atmospheres:

1.) Turn on some music. (You will be happy doing something tedious when your favourite music is in the background).

2.) Draw a picture to make a map of how you'd like your room to be situated and then start moving things, don't be afraid to move things around a lot, because you'll get the most out of your room that way.

3.) Wash all curtains, and bedspread. Flip your mattress over. (There's nothing like settling into a fresh bed)

4.) Open the windows and AIR OUT the room!!!

5.) Dust, vacuum, and don't forget under things or the corners.

6.) Bring in some flowers or houseplants. (There has been research on this, plants inside make you happier!!)

7.) Fragrance!! But try to keep it light, rooms can get stuffy with too much fragrance, so choose wisely. Also, some scents can help produce an atmosphere, such as calming, or fresh. So it's fun to pick out scents depending on what atmosphere you want!

8.) This is the most important!! After you finish rearranging/cleaning...PLAY! RELAX! Enjoy your new space!~

I just recently started doing this, I'm doing it in chunks, because my time is limited, and I don't like to overwork. I tend to play, more than I do work, but I have absolutely been overjoyed about my room lately since I have started.

BY THE WAY!~ I can't wait until spring!!~

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