Friday, March 5, 2010

~Flying a Kite~(Spring, Summer, Fall Event)

Kites are dated back to Ancient China and Indonesia. They were originally either made of leaf or different silks and bamboo. Also, kites first started out as rectangles and then evolved into many different styles, sizes, and shapes as you can see today. I love to fly a kite, I actually got my Dad to fly one with me last summer. Ohohoho!~ That was awesome! You can get a kite fairly cheap, but you can also make a kite just as easily. There are a lot of instruction websites on making a kite, but I liked this one a lot, so click here to see more. I've always wanted to go to a kite festival, or just to get lots of people together to fly a kite. They all look so pretty in the sky! ^^

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  1. A 100-metre-long, 350 kilogram carp streamer -- the biggest and heaviest of its kind in Japan -- waves in the wind at a height of about 100 meters by the Tone River in the Saitama Prefecture city of Kazo on Monday, May 3. 2010. Some 100,000 Golden Week holidaymakers visited the riverbank on Monday. (Mainichi)

    Volunteers try get a giant kite airborne during the annual Kite Flying Festival in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture, west of Tokyo, Tuesday, May 4, 2010, to celebrate Wednesday's Children's Day. (AP)