Friday, March 5, 2010

~Daily Passport~ (Anytime Event)

I've been excited to write about this, because I got to witness this very cool/fun activity. A mother had put together a book made of construction paper and bound it with staples for her daughter. Then on each page was an errand and beneath it two boxes. One box was to be checked off for an errand completed, and the other box was for "a witness" to initial to say it was completed. I got to be a witness!! Whoo! I got to initial the little girl's book. Anyway the best part of this, is that when the daily book was completed the daughter got a treat!! I love this idea and it probably keeps children well-behaved while out doing errands.

I encourage you to find creative ways to use this "passport" idea. It could be used for anything! Either way I thought it was endearing and fun. You can also do a travel passport for areas around you, and check it off when you reach the places you want to go!~ ^^

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